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Simplicity brings contentment




"In 1995 when I started my business, I made a loss and my mother who was a wise lady (her father & grandfather were successful businessmen) commented, "Son there must be something wrong in your character because of that you made a loss." By nature, I was a disciplined person, but her remark stunned me. I stopped my business activities for some time and started reading the book of GOD to understand what is Character. After a few months of deep study, my final conclusion was “Character is what you do when nobody sees you”. I did self-introspection and amended myself, when I am all alone, I am at my best by thinking or doing something good which can take me closer to the creator. After I made that amendment to my character, then restarted my business activities. Since then by the grace of GOD, there has been no looking back. Business is absolutely a reflection of your character.
Food for thought the word "B U S I N E S S" contains the word "SIN" in it. There are four sins that we have to avoid in business:
  • Don't Overborrow
  • Don't Overcommit
  • Avoid Greed
  • Don't Cheat in quantity and quality

In summary, the crux of my business growth over the course of these three ongoing decades funnels down to these core philosophies,
  • "For those who trust you, render them back with the trust" and
  • "When you judge between people, judge with justice!" 


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1985 - 95

Sales Executive
Professional travel agent for HNI's for a decade in The Middle East.


Where It All Began

Mr. Javed Hussain was born and brought up in Chennai, India.

1995 Till Date

Executive Director

In 1995 JD incepted the trading division in KSA while working under Universal Projects Corporation (UPC) and started his journey by venturing into leather and precious stones. 

2003 Till Date

Executive Director

In 2003 JD incepted POWER division while working under UPC. Under power division UPC solidified its presence by supplying substantial quantity of  utility meters to Saudi Electrical Company and participated in the nationwide SMP project by supplying 100% compliant smart meters with communication module based on 4G and NB-IOT technology.

2013 Till Date

Executive Director

in 2013 JD incepted the Energy division while working under UPC. Under the Energy Division, a full fledged lubricant manufacturing plant UPFPP was built  with an annual capacity of 30 million liters. 

2018 Till Date

Entrepreneur / Founder

In 2018 he established his own business in India and UAE into trading of FMCG and petrochemical goods.

2021 Till Date


In 2021 he diversified his portfolio into the marine lubricants and silver business.

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